Project Description

Cloudata is Distributed Large scale Structured Data Storage, and open source project implementing Google's Bigtable.

  • Database management system. but not support relational data model.
  • Scalability: can store more than Peta bytes.
  • Reliability
  • Low Cost, High performance: Use commodity hardware
  • Easy, fast data analysis: MapReduce
  • Abstract FileSystem: Supports various FileSystem(default FileSystem is Hadoop FileSystem)

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Cloudata has the following features.
  • Basic data service
    • Single row operation(get, put)
    • Multi row operation(like, between, scanner)
    • Data uploader(DirectUploader)
    • MapReduce(TabletInputFormat)
    • Simple cloudata query and supports JDBC driver
  • Table Management
    • split
    • distribution
    • compaction
  • Utility
    • Web based Monitor
    • CLI Shell
  • Failover
    • Master failover
    • TabletServer failover
  • Change log Server
    • Reliable fast appendable change log server
  • Support language
    • Java, RESTful API, Thrift


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